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Take It Easy and Stay Healthy.

SOLERA, with its stylish and comfortable environment, is the only fitness club that offers hypoxic environment training in Kyoto. Hypoxic training can give you a great work out effect with much less stress on your body, and make your exercise more time efficient. 15 minutes of exercise of hypoxic training is considered equivalent to 1 hour on ground level).
Training in a hypoxic environment will potentially help you go faster and further, react quicker, think sharper, and more focused. Good for both beginners and experience athletes. There is also a protein bar to get refueled.
  • Wifi Available
  • Business hours Weekdays 8:00~21:00
    Sat. Sun. & National Holidays 8:00~19:00
    Regular Closing Day: 5th ・15th・ 25th of every month.
  • Phone 075-205-5044
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